Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are beautiful floor features which can drastically alter the ambience of any room. However, they are also items that tend to stain easily and provide a safe haven to a large number of harmful particles such as allergens, germs, bacteria, dirt, dust and etc. This is why you must regularly clean and wash them. If you don’t have the required time, knowledge or instruments to properly maintain your floor features, have no worries and give us a call. We are professional and fully licensed sanitation contractors and our cleaning services are among our most sought after and praised options in London.
Cleaners to HireWe from Cleaners to Hire can easily sanitize any type of carpet regardless of their size, fabrication material and condition. We have state of the art jet and steam cleaning machines which allow us to meticulously maintain both artificial and synthetic floor features. We are experienced cleaners and we know very well how delicate fibers are and this is why we always work with utter care and diligence. We have also fully insured our cleaning services because we don’t like leaving things at chance and more importantly because we like having all angles covered. Please, keep in mind that to date we have never activated our insurance policy because we have managed to maintain a 0% accident ratio throughout the years by always double checking everything.


Top notch cleaning machines


We are able to flawlessly sanitize even the most tarnished rugs because we use the following types of cleaning equipment:

  • Cleaners to HireShampoo
  • Dry foam
  • Jet washing machines
  • Commercial vacuums and steam cleaners
  • Bonnet machines
  • Hot water cleaners

Our sanitation technicians are skilled professionals who master many cleaning techniques, so you can rest assured that once we are done treating your floor features they will look as good as new and will be free of the above mentioned harmful elements.


Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services

The cleaning solutions that we use are green and can easily remove even the most resilient stains from your mats. We have decided to use eco-friendly detergents because they don’t contain toxic and chemical ingredients and therefore cannot cause discolouration and colour fading. After all it is not by chance that we are reputed as highly reliable and competent cleaning specialists.

To our knowledge Cleaners to hire is the sanitation firm with the most loyal clients and we believe that this simple fact speaks immensely about the quality of our work and the positive attitude that we have towards our customers. So, if you are tired of looking at a dirty, stained and tarnished carpet, give us a call and we will immediately clean it for you anywhere in London, so that you can change the overall mood of our home or place of work.

We invite you to explore our website in order to learn about our company, methods of work and the affordable prices for which we provide all our services. You can ask for you free and non-binding cleaning quote by telephone or e-mail.