House Cleaning

House cleaning is an essential aspect of running an effective household in London. Maintaining good indoor hygiene is necessary to keep people living at the property healthy, especially the youngsters. The main problem however is that not many people have the time and energy to invest in tricky and demanding chores around the house, after a week’s worth of pressure at work for instance. The second problem lies with diversity – an effective sanitation routine requires dealing with a myriad of chores and tasks, some laborious and time consuming. So what’s the solution?

Professional services

Cleaners to HireSpecialised house maintenance is one of our most sought after offers. We recognise that busy lifestyles leave little if any room for dealing with such chores, so we provide the solution – a professional and affordable home service that covers a wide array of general and specialised chores.

  • Thorough– a fully comprehensive solution covering a variety of domestic needs;
  • Customisable – we understand that everyone has different requirements, so we can alter the package format as per individual needs and wants;
  • Convenient– we know that busy people can’t always supervise or be home when the cleaners have a slot, so we maintain week round availability under flexible hours – the team will visit you in a suitable time and day of the week;
  • Efficient with guaranteed results – our primary aim is to provide consistent, high quality results, this is achieved by organising a professional grade service which leaves nothing to chance


Affordable and eco-friendly solution

Cost efficiency is the main advantage of our professional deals – we work under flexible price schemes, based on custom tailored service quotes without any hidden fees. The idea behind this policy is to meet individual budget needs of our customers without having to compromise on certain aspects of the cleaning process such as efficiency or thoroughness.

We are well aware that house cleaning is done in close proximity to property occupants and their children and pet animals. Because of this we refrain from using aggressive or highly toxic supplies, but instead we apply mild products which evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue shortly after the service. Furthermore, we are always looking to reduce the environmental toll of our work, this is why we train our staff to work with minimum water and resource waste.

Cleaners to HireOur cleaning teams

The technicians we employ are qualified and experienced professionals who know their work inside out and have had a lot of field experience in London. They will do their best to yield optimal results, deliver uniform hygiene throughout the house, and all of this without any errors or delays.

Regular maintenance

For customer convenience we maintain a fixed schedule domestic service. This option allows you to keep the place disinfected and fresh at all times, without any effort, and at a very reasonable price. The frequency and duration of the regular visits depends entirely on customer preferences and their availability.