Patio Cleaning

While your home needs constant maintenance, you should never overlook what you have outside too. Your patio is exposed to all sorts of climate changes, crappy weather, sun or mischievous animals. As it turns out it might require even more attention than your bathroom. Make sure you always have a sanitised patio by calling Cleaners to Hire. With our company you are guaranteed a top grade cleaning at a very low cost. We are experienced professionals, have top notch tools and will not charge you a lot. Our company also offers a wide range of services including garbage removal and domestic clearance. You do not need to go just for our premium patio service assistance and you can combine another of our packages in order to receive a discounted price. We have even more benefits:

  • Cleaners to HireFully licensed
  • Fully insured
  • Available 24/7
  • Top class tools
  • Knowledgeable and skilled industry professionals

We can proudly say we are the company of choice of so many people in London. This is because we possess everything necessary for an elite cleaning service. We know this business well and our teams pay close attention to detail. Cleaners to Hire will not only sweep and wash your patio but will make is as good as new. Depending on the type of surface we will approach the matter in a certain way. We cannot treat a wooden deck the same way as we would tackle a tile or a concrete.


Supplies really make the difference in the industry

Cleaners to HireIn any way there are a lot of similarities. We will always bring along our top quality solutions and tools for the job. Our experts wield gentle but sturdy brushes and mops. The detergents which we apply are not toxic or harmless. We mostly use water based and steam-cleaning technology. This is an especially good combination when we need to deal with decks. Everything in between the planks will be taken out. Whatever is left will simply be washed away by our pressure washers. They, however,

cannot be used everywhere because fragile surfaces might get damaged. But don’t worry, we have full insurance granting you a refund in case anything goes wrong.

Patio cleaning also includes weeding. We understand that concrete areas or parts full of decorative gravel might contain undesired plants. We will not only make everything tidy again but will also help with some landscaping. Speaking of that, you can also receive gardening services and even landscaping junk removal at a discounted price. All of this can be done on any day of the week as we are available around the clock. The same goes for our customer support. Call our lines even during the night and speak to an associate regarding our offers and how exactly the whole project is going to happen. They will provide you with a consult completely free of charge. We will come up with a list of tasks depending on your needs. We are famed for tailoring our services to the clients’ needs.