Rug Cleaning

We offer one of the rug cleaning and carpet sanitation services available on the market. Our trained industry professionals are going to handle the job that you have for them with the due diligence, efficiency and presentation of excellent results in a timely fashion – everything that you might expect from them and even more!

Leading company in town at your disposal

Rug cleaning is a very responsible job, and a tough one at the same time. No matter what material your carpet is made of, stains and dirt tend to stick to the fabrics and become really hard to remove. That is why conventional tools and products do not produce as good results as one might wish. Fortunately, now you have our trained staff by your side. They have been doing carpet cleaning for years and since they have started, they are constantly learning new skills, tricks and methods, so that regardless of the material and type of stains to be removed, they are in a position to offer you a thoroughly satisfactory experience.

Cleaners to HireAll-encompassing service

The service we bring to your attention here is perfect for:

  • General washing and maintenance
  • Removal of food and drink stains – wine, beer, juices etc
  • Removing pet stains and odor from your carpets
  • Killing off bacteria and allergens built up deep in the fabrics of your rugs



State of the art tools and the best sanitation service in town

Cleaners to HireIn order to achieve those goals and deliver a really top notch rug cleaning, we are going to use state of the art steam equipment. The power of steam is suitable for removing even the harshest stains and most importantly, it does not have any negative effect on the fibers that are being treated. Furthermore, you will not have to wait for hours for the carpets to dry off. Even in those cases when a cleaning product is needed in order to get the job done, we will choose such that does not contain any dangerous chemicals that would harm yours and your family’s health. We run a hundred percent eco-friendly operation, which aims at handling the jobs our clients have for us in a manner that is best both for them and the environment.

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Feel free to get in touch with Cleaners to Hire at any time of the day and night and book the best rug service someone can offer to you. We are very proud of our customer support. You can contact us over the phone and via email, around the clock and anywhere in London. Our helpful and polite specialists are authorized to tailor free quotes to interested potential clients. They will also answer fully all questions that might be having and guide you through the process of making a reservation. Call or write to us today and leave all details to our experts.