Window Cleaning

Cleaners to HireWindow cleaning is one of those super tedious and demanding chores which most people would be glad to delegate to someone else, which is fair enough as the frustration of not yielding the required results after hours of elbow grease and toil can be quite a problem and put a real damper on the rest of the day.

Not to worry though as we offer a professional and very effective service, available to both private and business clients anywhere in London. Costs associated with it are more than reasonable and won’t be a problem for your home or office budget.

A set of sparking windows is a perfect complement to any well-kept home or office, so the little bit of money you invest in a professional’s assistance will be well worth it, and make a big difference on the overall appeal of your home or workplace.

Safe and efficient service

Cleaners to HireWindow cleaning is sometimes associated with strange people hanging off platforms, squeegeeing away high a

bove the ground, caps caught by the wind, dropped buckets and what not. This might have been the case in the past, but our service is far from the satirical picture described above.

We offer a professional solution to all domestic and commercial window cleaning needs. The entire process is carried out in a well organised, safe fashion without any cutting corners or application of dubious practices. There will be no risk of damage to the frame, or clouding and scratching of the glass pane itself. The process is carried out using industry certified equipment and materials in order to yield the best possible results within the shortest time, and with minimum water and resource waste (it can be a wasteful process in terms of resources when not done properly).

Convenient and versatile cleaning solution

Our service is suitable for all types of glass panes. Generally, we don’t deal with windows high off the ground which would pose an obvious risk to our technicians, but we do have a few clever pieces of equipment that might just do the trick. Let the teams know which areas are problematic in terms of height and they will figure out a way to get to them and wash them as best they can.

  • You can request the service in combination with any of our other ones – a cleaning package is a great way to get more done while saving some cash along the way.
  • It is available as one off or on a regular basis – a good choice for offices and commercial establishments.
  • Please be advised that for best results, reduced time and minimum resource waste window cleaning is best done in fair weather.
  • You can book seven days a week, under flexible hours (daylight) including bank holidays, at no change of price.

For more information on pricing, availability and any additional options, please speak to our consultants.